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National Cancer Survivors Day: Celebrating Our Patients

May 25, 2018

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National Cancer Survivors Day

Cancer survivors should celebrate their accomplishment every day of the year. And on June 3, 2018, the entire nation will come together to celebrate their amazing feat. Join 21st Century Oncology as we revel in the success and bravery of friends, families, patients and cancer caregivers across the country during National Cancer Survivors Day (NCSD).

How Are We Celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day?

This year, we’re celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day by sharing our patients’ stories. From colorectal cancer to breast cancer, and more, the 21st Century Oncology video gallery is home to numerous stories of survivorship.

Visit the gallery or click below to learn about Jack’s Journey with prostate cancer and Margie’s journey with esophageal cancer.

How Can I Celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day?

On the first Sunday of June, the National Cancer Survivors Foundation will provide networking, guidance and education to hospitals, support groups and other organizations that host NCSD events in their communities.

These events are meant not only to celebrate cancer survivors’ accomplishments but also to raise awareness of the ongoing challenges cancer survivors face. Contact your local hospital or cancer treatment center to learn about the events going on in your community, or visit the NCSD website for more information.

Not seeing anything going on near you? That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate! Use the tips below to plan your own celebration:

  • Organize your own event. Take matters into your own hands if your local community doesn’t have a NCSD event scheduled. Visit the NCSD website to register your event and get advice about how best to celebrate.
  • Celebrate the survivors in your life! Ask a survivor what they want to do. After all, this event is about them. Perhaps they don’t want a party or celebration but just want to spend time in the company of those they love who supported them during their treatment.

Celebrate More Than Survivors

NCSD isn’t just for cancer survivors; it also provides a glimmer of hope for those recently diagnosed or undergoing cancer treatment. A cancer survivor’s story is powerful and offers inspiration to those who need it most.

Even for those who are not affected by cancer, testimonies about cancer experiences show the value of determination and grit to overcome obstacles.

For more information about how to live your best life during cancer treatment or remission, visit the 21st Century Oncology blog. We’re committed to providing valuable advice and tips to cancer patients, survivors and caregivers.