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Prostate Cancer Survivor Shares His Experience to Benefit Others

July 23, 2019

Cancer Survivor

Before, during and after cancer treatment, talking about your experience can help you heal emotionally and physically. Communicating with friends, family members, physicians and others who have dealt with cancer can have a positive impact on a patient’s overall well-being. We encourage patients at 21st Century Oncology to share their stories in support groups and here on our Apple a Day Blog.

We were fortunate to talk to survivor Harry Kepple, who underwent treatment for prostate cancer. Here, he shares his personal story.

Question: What were you diagnosed with?

Harry Kepple: I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I went in for a blood test and my PSA had spiked up more than triple the amount. Then, I took a secondary blood test and my PSA was still high. My doctor recommended that I get a biopsy to determine my Gleason score. I ended up finding out that it was between six and seven.

My first thought was to get my prostate removed, but after considering the side effects and how it would affect me down the road, I sought a second opinion. I was referred to Dr. William Crook at 21st Century Oncology. I liked talking to him and what he had to say. He was very upfront and gave me all of the options that I had, even the ones that didn’t include him.

Question: What was your biggest challenge after your diagnosis?

Harry Kepple: It’s changed how often I have been going to the bathroom, that’s for sure!  But I guess that comes with the side effects from Prostate Cancer.

Question: What would you like to share with those who are newly-diagnosed or family members of those who are newly diagnosed?

Harry Kepple: You want to get all the facts that you can and look at all the different procedure options. Always choose what’s best and right for you. Make sure that you do your self-exams and do them when you’re supposed to, especially if you notice any changes.

Question: What one thing would you say helped get you through all of this?

Harry Kepple: Dr. Crook and his staff at 21st Century Oncology helped me fight cancer. They were amazing.  They answered all my questions and they are a great support. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them.

Every day should be cherished and celebrated. We want to celebrate and acknowledge all of those who have fought, battled and survived cancer. We want you to know that you are never alone. We care for you like a family here at 21st Century Oncology and we will fight for you every step of the way.