John E. Sylvester, MD

About Dr. Sylvester

Dr. John Sylvester has performed over 6,000 prostate brachytherapy procedures. He has developed multiple technical improvements in the procedure, by improving visualization of the urethra during the procedure, optimally utilizing R.A.P.I.D. strand, and co-developed THINStrand. He has published numerous articles and medical textbook chapters on prostate brachytherapy and co-authored and edited The Prostate Cancer Treatment Book. He wrote the white paper on 4-D Calypso image guided IMRT and was first physician in USA to use SpaceOAR in prostate cancer IG-IMRT. Dr. Sylvester earned the "Innovation Research Award 2014" from the Manatee County Chamber of Commerce and was awarded Sarasota Magazine's Top Doctors distinction from 2012-2016. He publishes Prostate cancer research papers every year and regularly lectures at the National Radiation Oncology Society Medical Conferences (ASTRO, ABS).



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