Dr. Eduardo Fernandez Named Vice President of ACRO

July 15, 2015

The American College of Radiation Oncology elected Dr. Fernandez as VP for his dedication to leadership and patient care

PLANTATION, Fla. – July 15, 2015 – Eduardo Fernandez, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.R.O., F.A.S.T.R.O., Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs and the Medical Director for Latin America at 21st Century Oncology, has been elected to serve as vice president on the Board of Chancellors at the American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO).

ACRO strives to ensure the highest quality care for radiation therapy patients and promote success in the practice of radiation oncology through education, responsible socioeconomic advocacy, and integration of science and technology into clinical practice.

“It was an honor to be elected as Vice President of ACRO,” Dr. Fernandez said. “Through this role, I can help lead the organization to further its mission of ensuring the highest quality care for radiation therapy patients and promoting success in the practice of radiation oncology.”

Dr. Fernandez previously served as a member of the Board of Chancellors of ACRO from 2012-2015. He is a Board Certified Radiation Oncologist, treating patients at 21st Century Oncology’s locations in Broward County. Dr. Fernandez is also on the editorial board of the journal, Contemporary Radiation Oncology.

"As a leader in the field of radiation oncology, Dr. Fernandez is a natural choice for this leadership position,” says Steven Finkelstein, M.D., Scottsdale Board Certified Radiation Oncologist, the company’s Chief Science Officer and the editor-in-chief of the Journal, Contemporary Radiation Oncology.

ACRO is managed by a board of 17 volunteer chancellors who are elected by its members. Elections are held annually and each member serves a four-year term guiding the organization to perform the highest quality care to radiation patients and promote success in the practice of radiation oncology.

In addition to his usual and customary clinical and administrative responsibilities, Dr. Fernandez has been a valued member of 21st Century Oncology's VA patient care team for the last 6 years. He has tirelessly worked alongside his clinical and business colleagues to ensure that our veterans in need of radiation therapy have the same access to the timely treatments, technology and high-quality compassionate cancer care that 21st Century Oncology provides daily to the civilian population in each of the demographics in which its facilities are located.

Dr. Fernandez earned his medical degree from the University of Malaga, Spain and was appointed Assistant and Associate Professor of Radiology and Medical Physics afterwards. He completed his radiation oncology residency at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Callahan Center for Radiation Oncology and Robotics, and served as Head of Radiation Oncology at the Cleveland Clinic Florida (with dual appointment at the main campus in Cleveland), and was Chief of Radiation Oncology at the Aventura Comprehensive Cancer Center for seven years. He currently serves as a member of senior management of 21C in two capacities: as the Senior VP of medical Affairs and also the Medical Director for Latin America.

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