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Every Day is National Doctors Day at 21CO

By Kim Commins-Tzoumakas | April 8, 2019

National Doctors Day

Last Saturday was National Doctors Day – a day to recognize and thank physicians for their hard work, commitment and contributions to the communities we live in.

But why celebrate Doctors Day? Why not National Doctors Year? Make it an everyday thing. For 365 days a year, doctors of all areas and specialties are miracle workers – whether they’re curing a horrendous disease or simply providing much-needed warmth and support to someone who is scared out of their mind or maybe just having a rough time.

Our doctors at 21st Century Oncology are special – we feel they are the best of the best in the country. Our Dream Team consists of nearly 1,000 doctors throughout the entire network, that are located in 15 different states, and all of their efforts in patient care, research and clinical trials continue to amaze and inspire me! Our patients can feel comfortable knowing they are in the absolute best of hands, given the dedication that I see our doctors put into their craft on a daily basis.

They all do so much for their patients and for the advancement of cancer care that one day of recognition doesn’t seem like nearly enough. What I love about 21CO is that every day does feel like National Doctors Day, both in terms of what our doctors mean to our company and in how we empower them to manage their own practices.

We don’t shy away from the fact that our doctors are the MVPs of 21CO. We embrace this belief. They are the faces of the company, on the front lines fighting the good fight for our patients – and so we built our business operations around that mindset. Our doctors have the autonomy to run their practices the way they want to. There isn’t some kind of bureaucratic policy that governs what they have to do, or how they have to do it.

We let our doctors focus on patient care while we support the administrative and clerical work. That means they can provide better, more attentive care to patients, and they have the ability to see more patients more often. The bond and connection that can be formed between a doctor and a patient, when that relationship and commitment to treatment are the only things on their minds, is incredible.

So, sure, National Doctors Day is a nice tribute that physicians can look forward to every year, but at 21CO, we view our doctors differently…and that allows them to be successful and treat patients differently. And that’s a win for everyone involved.