21st Century Oncology, a GenesisCare Company

21st Century Oncology, a GenesisCare Company, Launches Two New Non-Invasive Cancer Treatment Technologies in Southwest Florida

21st Century Oncology, which recently joined the GenesisCare Network, has introduced two new non-invasive cancer treatment technologies at its Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Naples centers, the Varian Edge and Varian Halcyon systems.

The Varian Edge utilizes high precision and integrated machine intelligence to facilitate the treatment of more patients with greater confidence. This technology is now available for the first time in Southwest Florida to treat patients with complex cancers. The Varian Edge allows clinicians to deliver highly targeted doses of radiation (known as stereotactic radiation therapy) to tumors. This system tracks a patient’s tumor in real-time accounting for patient movement, ensuring accurate treatment delivery, preserving healthy tissue and enabling fewer visits for treatment.

The Varian Halcyon is an advanced linear accelerator that allows clinicians to accurately deliver highly targeted doses of radiation to both common and complex cancers. This includes cancers of the lung, prostate, breast, brain, spine, liver, pancreas, bone, among many other disease sites. The Halcyon system offers unprecedented safety, quality, speed, and comfort to optimize the patient experience to win the fight against cancer.

The addition of the two highly innovative treatment systems is part of GenesisCare’s commitment to investing in the latest technological advancements, bringing world-class cancer care to patients in Southwest Florida.

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