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Lee County head and neck surgeon, Anthony Anfuso, MD, donates his time to care for uninsured patients through the We Care program. The Fort Myers News-Press chronicled how Dr. Anfuso worked together with local physicians to help one patient overcome lip cancer. Lee County doctors donate millions of dollars in care to the uninsured through […]
Physicians, healthcare professionals, breast health advocates and cancer survivors joined together for the Southwest Florida Breast Health Forum on Thursday, March 22, sponsored by 21st Century Oncology. The goal of the event was to help save lives and reduce suffering from breast cancer by increasing education and improving access to health care. Physicians discussed the […]
Dr. Kristina Mirabeau-Beale fulfilled a childhood dream when she got accepted to Harvard University. Her family background and her subsequent medical training has made her the compassionate Radiation Oncologist she is today. In a profile with eBella Magazine, Dr. Mirabeau-Beale opens up about her family growing up, her medical training and her unique experience as […]
At 21st Century Oncology, our patients are our top priority. One patient in Naples, Florida was so impressed with his care that he wrote a letter to the editor of a local newspaper. Below is the letter he wrote. Good doctor The purpose of this communication is to make you aware of my recent, positive, […]
Dr. Brian Lawenda, Board Certified Radiation Oncologist with Northwest Cancer Clinic, discusses important tips for newly diagnosed cancer patients, including when to get a second opinion and to ensure you are comfortable with the treatment plan and your providers on NBC’s Wake Up Northwest. View the video below.
When Robert Rostron, Ph.D., was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he extensively researched treatment options across the united states. He learned that some of the latest technology and an exceptional physician were right in his backyard, in Naples, Florida. Below is a letter he wrote to the Naples Daily News detailing his story. Good Doctor The […]
Dr. Brian Lawenda, Medical Director at Northwest Cancer Clinic in Kennewick, Washington, discusses the various types of cancer-related pain as well as treatments with local NBC station, KNDO on Wake Up Northwest’s Living Well. View the video below.
Dr. Brian Lawenda discusses important things to know about chemotherapy regimens, gene sequencing and the latest advancements in cancer treatment on NBC’s Wake Up Northwest. View the video below.
Board Certified Radiation Oncologist and Integrative Oncologist Dr. Brian Lawenda with Northwest Cancer Clinic in Kennewick, Washington discusses how to manage side effects of cancer treatment using integrative oncology with Wake Up Northwest on NBC. Complementary therapies are natural therapies used with conventional treatments like radiation and chemotherapy to fight cancer. View the video below.