Varian Edge Radiosurgery Systems Offer Targeted, Multifunctional Treatment for Various Types of Cancers

FORT MYERS, Fla., Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The largest integrated cancer care network in America, 21st Century Oncology has purchased five Varian Edge Radiosurgery Systems, which provide multifunctional and highly sophisticated treatment to allow patients to have access to the best in care right in their own backyards.

Equipped with Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT), the Varian Edge machines deliver extremely precise and intense doses of radiation to cancer cells, minimizing damage to healthy tissue and drastically reducing the number of treatments. The three machines—which are used to treat cancers of the brain, liver, spine, pancreas and prostate—are now in use at locations in Sarasota, Cape Coral, and Wellington, Florida. A center in Dothan, Alabama is expected to carry the machine by end of year and another in Bradenton, Florida will be live by the end of January 2020.

Dr. Larry Silverman, a 21st Century radiation oncologist who specializes in treatment of lung, breast and intestinal cancers, said the machines can treat multiple areas in the same amount of time it would have previously taken to treat just one tumor. With the SBRT technology, doctors can shorten treatment periods from several hours to as little as 20 minutes.

“It’s better technology,” Silverman said. “We’re giving high doses of radiation in a safer and more effective way so that patients can spend more of their time at work or with family, not in treatment.”

Silverman also said the multifunctional technology gives the office more flexibility in patient scheduling. With the previous system, it would take upwards of an hour to convert the machine from a simple procedure to a more technologically advanced one.

“We’re fully committed to providing our patients with the most cutting-edge treatment, which allows them to get the care they need close to home, without leaving their work and families,” said 21st Century Oncology CEO Kim Commins-Tzoumakas. “Investing in innovative technology is essential to ensuring optimal patient outcomes.”

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