LOUISVILLE, Ky. – May 17, 2017 – Board Certified Radiation Oncologist Mark Jones, M.D. with Louisville Radiation Oncology earned the prestigious title of Fellow of The American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO). He accepted the honor at the 27th annual meeting of ACRO in Orlando, FL.

Currently, there are less than 300 physicians in the U.S. who have earned this distinction. Less than 10 physicians earn the title each year.

“Receiving the Fellow of The American College of Radiation Oncology is an honor,” said Dr. Jones. “But certainly the greatest honor a physician can experience is to gain the trust of the many courageous patients dealing with a life-threatening illness on a daily basis.”

To earn this title, a physician must go through an extensive process. A candidate for fellowship must have been a regular member of the organization for at least five years and have demonstrated extraordinary service to the profession. This includes service as an ACRO liaison to another society, or for meritorious service to radiation oncology or medicine through education, research or service activities.

Dr. Jones has a wealth of experience treating tobacco related illness such as head, neck, lung and esophageal cancers. He was the first physician to utilize Stereotactic Radiotherapy of lung cancer in his region.

Each fellow inducted into the title is expected to continue to uphold the same level of service and attendance that they have done leading up to the point when they received the diploma.

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