KEY WEST, Fla. – Jan. 22, 2019 – 21st Century Oncology’s Marta A. Gonzalez Cancer Center located in Key West, FL is now fully reopened following major infrastructural upgrades and is actively treating patients. The facility now offers state-of-the-art cancer treatment equipment, as well as expert cancer care from esteemed physicians David Andrew Nyberg, M.D. and Geoffrey A. Geiger, M.D.

Enhancing patient care, the GE Lightspeed Ultra CT System is a third-generation multi-slice helical CT scanner that will be utilized at the center to simulate patients’ radiation treatment.

In addition, the Center has also introduced the Varian Clinac® iX System for radiotherapy treatments. It is designed to deliver a wide range of imaging and treatment options, including IMRT, IGRT, VMAT, RapidArc™, and stereotactic radiosurgery. With demonstrated accuracy and reliability, the system enables confidence in tumor targeting while its versatility and dose stability allow easy treatment in any area of the body appropriate for radiation therapy. Given this combination of quality and customization, the Clinac system ultimately enables clinicians to meet the specific needs of each patient with highly conformal radiation.

Two highly experienced physicians make up the local dream team, Dr. David Andrew Nyberg, an experienced medical oncologist and hematologist, and Dr. Geoffrey A. Geiger who recently joined the practice as a radiation oncologist, bring years of cancer treatment experience to local patients, helping them fight cancer in their own backyard.

For more information about the Marta A. Gonzalez Cancer Center visit or call (305) 292-5809.

About 21st Century Oncology

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