When Robert Rostron, Ph.D., was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he extensively researched treatment options across the united states. He learned that some of the latest technology and an exceptional physician were right in his backyard, in Naples, Florida. Below is a letter he wrote to the Naples Daily News detailing his story.

Good Doctor

The purpose of this communication is to make you aware of my recent, positive, remarkable and successful radiation treatment for prostate cancer at 21st Century Oncology’s Naples facility. This outcome was facilitated through the above and beyond efforts of my radiation oncologist, Dr. Michael Hanus.

By way of background, I hold a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering and have enjoyed an extensive career working in this and related fields. For this reason, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer, I devoted much time and effort over a two-month period in getting educated in current treatment protocols for the disease.

After ruling out several options, I became focused on external beam radiation therapy using proton beam as well as photon intensity-modulated radiation therapy. The extent of my evaluation of these treatment methods involved an extensive literature search and consultations with some eight radiation oncologists at various treatment centers throughout the country who utilized one or both of the methodologies for treating prostate cancer. I was particularly focused on the quality of life outcomes and side effects of each modality.

The course of my treatment, as well as during follow-up visits, Dr. Hanus presented a thoughtful, positive, caring and helpful attitude both during office consultations and after hours phone calls, that made my treatments a pleasant rather than disheartening experience, if treatment for cancer can ever be described as pleasant. Over my lifetime of interaction with members of the medical profession, both as both a patient and colleague, this exemplary, competent treatment and doctor patient relationship is rare and I believe I am most fortunate to have Dr. Hanus as a member of the local medical community.

Robert W. Rostron, Ph.D., nuclear engineering, Naples

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