Advanced cancer treatment requires advanced technology

We put the most advanced technology in the hands of experienced, compassionate clinicians.

Pinpoint accuracy. Effective results. Lower risk of side effects.

At 21st Century Oncology, our network of radiation therapy centers offers the most sophisticated radiation therapy treatment planning and delivery systems in the world. Not only do these technologies offer pinpoint accuracy, they do so faster and with minimum discomfort and interruption to patients’ lives. In this section, learn about these advanced radiation therapy technologies. Or, use our location finder to see which of our centers and technology systems are available near you.


Radiation therapy technologies:

  • The Varian® Clinac®, RapidArc,® TrueBeam™ and Trilogy™ Systems
  • The Accuray® TomoTherapy® Hi-ART® and CyberKnife® Robotic Radiosurgery Systems
  • The Siemens® ARTISTE, ONCOR™ Impression and PRIMUS™ Systems
  • The Elekta Synergy® System
  • The HALCYON™ Radiotherapy System
  • The Edge Radiosurgery

Our centers also offer additional specialized technologies that are appropriate for some patients.


Specialized radiation technologies:

  • The Calypso® 4D Localization System, with its implanted or new superficial transponders, when used in combination with EBRT, tracks very subtle movements of tumors during treatment. This allows for extremely precise targeting and optimized dosage amounts.
  • 21st Century Oncology also offers patients specialized delivery systems for Internal Beam Radiation Therapy, or Brachytherapy. Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI) is a powerful form of internally delivered radiation therapy that destroys tumors in the breast. Our delivery systems include MammoSite,® CONTURA® and SAVI®.