Edge Radiosurgery

HyperArc™ Hyperarc High-Definition Radiotherapy (HDRT)

HyperArc™ treatment is designed to irradiate multiple brain lesions at the same time without having to reposition you. This provides better management of any possible movement, while saving time for both you and your clinical team.

Edge Radiosurgery

What is radiosurgery?

Radiosurgery, also known at Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT), “removes” a tumor by delivering a high dose of radiation to a very precise area. This is a medical, not surgical, treatment. Our Radiosurgery/Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) program uses the most advanced radiosurgery technology, such as Shaped-Beam Radiosurgery, Image-Guided Radiosurgery (IGRT), and Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT). These technologies allow us to treat tumors anywhere in the brain, spine or body, including head and neck, lung, liver, breast and pancreatic cancer. Patients who undergo radiosurgery treatment in the morning can return to daily activities in the afternoon. Radiosurgery often requires a single dose of treatment but in some cases may require up to five sessions.Our radiosurgery technology allows us to match the shape and size of the tumor from all angles, shape the radiation beam to deliver different levels of radiation intensity and protect healthy tissue during radiation treatment. Edge® is the most advanced radiosurgery treatment available. Its knifelike beam targets and treats tumors that are difficult to reach with traditional surgery. Edge uses a real-time tumor tracking system so clinicians can detect slight tumor movement. This minimizes the amount of radiation hitting surrounding healthy tissue.


Compared to other radiosurgery techniques that treat each target individually or separately, HyperArc SRS (Sterotactic Radiosurgery) can be more time-efficient – and 21st Century Oncology is the first local cancer care provider to have it available to our patients. HyperArc HDRT is designed to deliver high-quality SRS treatments on Edge’s platform safely, efficiently and accurately. Our goal is to bring the total time for the majority of your treatments to less than 20 minutes. Talk to your radiation oncologist about the Edge system and HyperArc to see if they are right for your treatment.

Why Edge?

The Edge© radiosurgery system from Varian Medical Systems is designed to effectively treat a wide range of cancer including those in the lung, brain, breast and spine.Through its progressive technology, the Edge radiosurgery system offers an alternative to traditional surgery for cancer patients. This aggressive procedure enables radiation oncologists to deliver powerful, precise treatments to radiosurgery candidates — no incisions necessary. Advanced mobility enables your radiation oncologist to deliver these high-intensity treatments to tumors that are typically difficult to reach surgically. It also has very sophisticated respiratory monitoring systems that help compensate for breathing in order to help reduce the risk to surrounding healthy tissue. The ability to deliver higher doses of radiation at great speed allows most treatments to be given quickly and without compromising accuracy

No cutting, modern technology

Varian’s Edge radiosurgery system is modern cancer treatment technology that is minimally invasive to a patient’s body and daily life. This system offers you a fast, effective surgical option without an incision or the need to recover in a hospital room.

Fast, focused & friendly treatments

Edge’s knifelike, high-intensity beam accurately targets and destroys tumors. Edge may reduce the risk to surrounding healthy tissue with a real-time tracking system that enables radiation oncologists to detect slight tumor movement — keeping treatment focused on the target.